Catastrophe Vortex

Hosted ByTC Kirkham

Earthquakes, fires, floods, airplane mishaps, shipwrecks, tsunamis, nature gone amuck - they're ALL HERE! If you love disaster movies, then CV is the show for you!

Are you a sucker for all those schlocky “all star” disaster films? Do you enjoy watching cities and people getting absolutely blown into oblivion? Do you enjoy special effects ranging from unbelievably good to incredibly cheesy? Are you interested in real life tragedy as well?

Then Catastrophe Vortex is for you! Host TC Kirkham is a huge fan of disaster movies of all types, and he spotlights them here – the cast, the crew, the disaster therein, how it looks, whether or not it ranks as terrific or just plain bad. From “Airport” to Irwin Allen and Roland Emmerich, to classics from the early days of cinema, as well as the best disaster series on television, TC has it covered, right here!

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