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Mirrorball Mayhem

Hosted ByTC Kirkham & Kim Brown

No longer in production, our Mirrorball Mayhem archive is still up and running, covering the middle years (seasons 9-18 and 20-22) of ABC's hit "Dancing With The Stars"!

The folks who run PNRNetworks were such huge fans of ABC’s hit series “Dancing With The Stars“, for several years  seasons of the show, we had our own weekly coverage of it on the “Mirrorball Mayhem” podcast.
Hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown brought you their recaps of each episode of the show beginning with season nine of DWTS – TC admits to launching the show because one of his favorite snowboarders, the incredible and awesome Louie Vito, was a competitor that season. And they stuck with it from season 9 through season 22, only taking season 19 off to recharge our batteries. They also featured a spinoff show, “Minion Mashup“, devoted to fans of the podcast and their questions and opinions.
Although the show is no longer in production, the archive is still up, running, and available to all DWTS fans who might be interested to take a listen!

All Episodes

All Episodes