Platinum Roses’ Garden – The “Supernatural” Podcast

Hosted ByPlatinum Rose Lady

Delve into the world of the brothers Winchester with this "Supernatural"-dedicated podcast! Not Safe For Work!

Are you a Dean Diva? A Samazon? A…um..Castinet? Well, no matter, when it comes to all things Winchester, you can find it here on Platinum Roses’ Garden!

Host Platinum Rose Lady has been running down episodes of the long running hit “Supernatural” since the show’s fourth season, and she’s legendary on Twitter as well…and infamous for an incident that happened at the 2011 Supernatural con in Boston as well…

Also spotlighting her favorite fan fiction and her favorite websites or You Tube Channels, PRG has everything and everything that’s related to “Supernatural” all in one bright shining place! And Oh, yeah…NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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