Subject:CINEMA’s Freeze Frame

Hosted ByTC Kirkham & Kim Brown

Subject:CINEMA's take on the latest goings on in La La Land! TC and Kim discuss the latest crazy news, the latest ridiculousness, and more! Available EXCLUSIVELY to Patreon Patrons at the $5/month level or above!

Subject:CINEMA’s Freeze Frame is our new no-holds-barred entertainment discussion show, available exclusively to Patreon Patrons at the $5/month or higher level. It is scheduled to premiere in late February/early March 2019 on Patreon!

Hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown, occasionally joined by other PNRNetworks hosts, will have a no-holds-barred discussion of the top entertainment news stories of the day, the crazy goings on in La La Land, stupid TV and movie news, and a whole lot more!

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