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Our Team

Meet the folks who keep PNRNetworks alive, ticking and bring you tons of fun entertainment every week!

TC kirkham


The webmaster/producer/hostest with the mostest, owner of PNRNetworks

Kim Brown


The other half of PNRNetworks,
co-host, producer, voiceover artist

Eric Lyon

Producer/Co-host, "CAVEBabble"

AKA Library Man, superhero of all things books, podcaster by design

Valerie lyon

Co-Host, "CAVEbabble"

Mrs. Library Man, avid movie fan, gamer, and food tester

platinum rose lady

Producer/Host, "Platinum Roses' Garden"

Myterious lover of all things Winchester, and shameless in all things

anthony lamberti

Producer/Co-host, "Ant B's Nerd Grotto"

Nerd King, POPs fanatic, lover of all things comic, TV and film


These organizations make PNRNetworks possible,without them we would be mere sands in the hourglass of the interwebs

Who We Are

PNRNetworks began as a film blog called Popcorn N Roses in December 2005 and has been growing and expanding ever since.
In June 2006, PNR launched what is now one of the longest running roots-produced film podcasts on the internet, Subject:CINEMA, and since then there’s been no looking back. Along the way we have expanded our offerings beyond film, to music, television, video games, list shows, comic books, original dramatic presentation podcasts, and more, and we continue to grow and expand our outlook each year.
We hope you enjoy being a part of the PNRNetworks growing legion of fans!

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