Kaiju Korner

Hosted ByKim Brown

Love Kaiju films? So does Kim! And each show she brings her own unique view to the creatures that inhabit the kaiju universe! Available EXCLUSIVELY to Patreon Patrons at the $5/month level or above!

Love all things Kaiju? Then you’re gonna LOVE Kaiju Korner with Kim Brown!  This new show all about kaiju is available to Patreon Patrons at the $5/month level or above.

Kim has been a kaiju fan nearly her whole life. Anyone who follows her on Twitter knows this from her weekly “Godzilla” gif tweet. But it doesn’t stop there. She’s been a fan and watching all forms of kaiju since she was in her pre-teens, and although Godzilla is at the top of her list, she’s not one to stick with just one monster – she watches and loves them ALL!

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