Subject:CINEMA’s Micro Focus

Hosted ByTC Kirkham & Kim Brown

Subject:CINEMA's Micro Focus is BACK, BABY! Each show features one or two films with indepth analysis by TC and Kim! Available EXCLUSIVELY to Patreon Patrons at the $5/month level or above!

Subject:CINEMA Micro Focus is an in-depth analysis podcast, as hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown dig into what makes a particular film what it is. It goes beyond a mere review show, taking a look at the way it’s presented, the technical aspects, the casting, the direction, as well as giving it a thorough review as an entertainment medium.

Originally offered in the early 2010s as a weekly series, it has recently been revived and is now one of our Patreon Patron-Exclusive shows, available to patrons at the $5/month level or higher.

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